lp50c schwarz

LP 50 Compact black with silver compressed air cylinder

The advantages of the COMPACT models:

Shorter sighting line:

The sight radius of the LP 10- and LP 50-Compact-models is more variable than the LP 2 Compact: Length of sight radius of LP 10 C is between 266 and 315 mm and the LP 50 C is between 257 and 300 mm. The distance between the rear and front sight is shorter by 50 mm compared to the standard models and shows a mor stable sight picture in relationship to the target. The steadier sight picture will increase confidence in young and old alike and allow them to concentrate on trigger release.

Lighter weight:

The lighter weigth means that the young shooter is able to train for longer periods to perfect strength and technique.

Ideal for air pistol competitions and training of dynamic pistol disciplines

The 5 shot STEYR LP 5 has had a long and outstanding career. Now STEYR have developed the LP 5 into the LP 50. This pistol became even smoother and ensures the stability of an ideal competition weapon in any air pistol discipline.
Being a great 5 shot weapon for the training of any dynamic pistol disciplines, the LP 50 is even more useful!

lp10c schwarz gerade


This makes the difference in details:

  • Standard trigger adjustable from 450 g to 1.050 g.
  • Three barrel vents steady the weapon additionally when shot is released
  • Maximum safety: shots only possible with magazine inserted
  • Infinitely adjustable length of sight from 307 to 350 mm
  • Eight different grips available 
  • Compressed air cylinders with German WIKA quality pressure gauge


lp50c schwarz

LP 50 Compact black with silver compressed air cylinder



  • action type: rapid fire semi-auto pellet pistol
  • propellant: compressed air
  • calibre: 4,5 mm (.177)
  • length / height / width: 348 / 148 / 50 mm
  • weight: 983 g
  • length of sight: 257 - 300 mm
  • front sight: moveable blade (4,5 mm)
  • rear sight: rear sight 2 - 6 mm variable, depth 1 - 3 mm
  • trigger pull: 450 - 1.050 g
  • trigger settings: first stage length, trigger stop
  • trigger blade adjustable: in all directions


Scope of delivery

  • plastic case
  • 4 x 10 g barrel weight
  • 2 five-shot-magazines
  • 2 Compressed air cylinder with pressure gauge, available in silver, black, blue
  • tools
  • spare O-rings
  • filling adapter
  • operator's manual
  • STEYR tin clip