Barrel weights, 25 g


This barrel weight has been constructed for our LP 2 Line. It offers our shooters more possibilities to mount barrel weights on the ideal place - the barrel axle.
Fits all LP 2 and LP 2 Compact models.

4003090501 Barrel weights 25 g for LP 2 and LP 2 Compact


Barrel weights, 4 x 10 g


The LP 10 and LP 50 models come complete with 4 x 10g barrel weights. Should you want to equip your air pistol with more barrel weights, we offer you those in sets to 4 pcs. à 10 g each.
Fit all LP 10 and LP 50 models.

4005090600 Barrel weights 4 x 10 g for LP 10 and LP 50